In Defense of the New World Translation. John 1:1 files

John 1:1 "...and the Word was a god."
Grammatically possible?

"Inconsistencies in the Translating of QEOS
in The New World Translation Bible"

Metzger, Colwell,
the New World Translation and John 1:1c

More on John 1:1c:
So, what of those
oft quoted scholars?

"If Jesus is Just a god."

An example of 'blatant ignorance'?

A Refutable
"Irrefutable Arguement."

John 1:1c and Deut.32:39a harmonised.

How Monotheism and the "a god" rendering of the anarthrous QEOS at John 1:1 is theologically sound.

  Wallace, Countess, the New World Translation and John 1:1c

Colwell's Rule: Does it have a bearing on John 1:1c?

John 1:1a "EIMI."
Is, then, the Word "eternal"?

A discussion regarding John 1:1c: between
Dr. J. BeDuhn and R. Hommel

The Word was a god and qualitative nouns.

(from the Greektheology archives)

"the Word was divine."

John 1:1c and Isaiah 43:10 harmonised

An Early Coptic Translation and John 1:1c

  The "honesty" comment in the 1951 NWT Appendix.


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