"with a view to the readjustment of the holy ones,....."
-Ephesians 4.12
New World Translation

The Greek word rendered here by the NWT as "readjustment" is KATARTISMOS and it only occurs once in the Greek N.T here in Ephesians 4.12 though related words do occur(see Matt.4.41, 21.16; Mark 1.19; Gal.5.1; 1 Thess.3.10; 1 Peter 5.10 etc). The New World Translation Reference Edition(1984) gives a footnote to their rendering which reads: "Or, "to the putting into proper alignment."

The Analytical Greek Lexicon Revised 1978 edition by Harold K. Moulton states for this Greek word

"[katartismos]....a perfectly adjusted adaptation; complete qualification for a specific purpose, Ep. 4.12. L[ater] G[reek]." -page 220, Col.a.-italics ours.

The New Linguistic and Exegetical Key to the Greek New Testament states:

"....equipping, qualification. The word was a medical technical term for the setting of a bone(BAGD..).." Please compare this with the New World Translation footnote given above. It continues: "The noun describes the dynamic act by which persons or things are properly conditioned(Barth; Lincoln)"-italics ours.